Walker Hayes

“The Wolf”

The Olive Branch, Mississippi, native found a talent for fighting in high school.  But it’s hard to think the 6’5”, 280-pound Walker Hayes would ever be on the receiving end of the whooping. Now, with youth on his side, Hayes has made a path for himself as the hardest hitter in 901 Wrestling, and he knows he’s only going to get better every time he steps into the ring. “The Grey Wolf” is one to watch as he and 901 Wrestling continue to grow. Hayes recently became a semi-finalist in the 1st Annual 901 Wrestling Classic, losing to Prince Adonis in a controversial ending. However, he soon found himself in the crosshairs of 901’s Baddest, Hunter Havoc and Dusting Anthony. In Anthony’s arrogance, and after attacking Walker the night before, Anthony put the 901 Light Heavyweight Championship on the line. Despite the classification issue, Kontar allowed the match and, with Cerrito Live host Kevin Cerrito as special enforcer, Hayes won the championship, and turned away every possible contender in the division, so much so that it would be Ken Dang as the next challenger. Because of this, Kontar renamed the title the 1819 Championship, making Walker the first 1819 Champion, but he would lose the night of the title’s debut to a vicious Ken Dang. Walker was targeted by champion Dang to put Hayes away from the title and on the shelf. However, Walker has since return and, though he has not been in the ring, he continues to be a thorn in Ken Dang’s side, and continues to target the 1819 Championship.

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