Prince Adonis

"The Crown Jewel of Uganda"

 Leaving his country, his family, and his kingdom behind, The Ugandan Prince Adonis settled in Memphis, Tennessee, to what he had heard was the “hotbed of Professional Wrestling”. But when he entered the business in the fall of 2009, he did not find the glory he had hoped at first. Never discouraged, Adonis continued to fight and claw, picking up a couple of titles along the way. But it wasn’t until he found a home in 901 Wrestling in March 2017 that Adonis finally shook free of his parent’s worries. Always a moment away from glory, Adonis has won Wrestler of the Year, was a finalist for King of the South, and has found himself always in contendership for a title. This talent’s limits have yet to be reached, but his frustrations began to get in the way of his talents. Now, Adonis looks to inflict his reign on anyone who crosses him to make sure he is finally noticed. Adonis has recently become a finalist in the 1st Annual 901 Wrestling Classic.

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