Kylan James

"The Filipino Dragon"


Originally from Olongapo in the Philippines, Kylan James has been around the locker room since 2016.  James brought with him a championship pedigree as a tag champion, a United States champion, a Transcontinental champion, and was even voted a “fan favorite” in 2013. However, his time at 901 Wrestling has been plagued with injuries and life changes outside of the ring that has made it hard for him to get any good momentum towards championships. As 2019 begins, Kylan James has been seen during intermissions and again interacting with fans. James finally returned to the ring in April after back and forth altercations with Prince Adonis. The Dragon proved unsuccessful thanks to Adonis’ aggression, but Kylan James is not one to give up easy and earned a quick victory, which only lead to more destruction from Prince Adonis. Kylan overcame injury to become a finalist in the 1st Annual 901 Wrestling Classic, where he lost after interference to winner Prince Adonis. Kylan continued off and on with Adonis, but it was an attack by a former security member with pepper spray that would jeopardize the future of The Filipino Dragon, however Dragon would return and eventually earn revenge against the man responsible, Dustin Anthony. Dragon has since been targeted by the Storm, as have other 901 Wrestling talent. However, that has not stopped him from climbing the ranks and getting a shot at the 1819 Championship. Ken Dang would attack him before the official match up, and then conquered him again in a rematch. 

Fans know however, The Dragon's Spark still rages on!

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