Andy Mack


 Longest reigning Light heavyweight Champion, 2017 Rookie of the Year, former tag team champion, first and only Triple Crown Winner. Memphis native Andy Mack never wanted to be anything but a professional wrestler, and in his drive has become the most decorated wrestler in the company’s history. Though he’s found his way onto several teams (Renegades, Jax Inc., with Kontar as tag champs), at the end of the day Andy is all about what’s best for Andy. Though many believe his pride and ego would be his downfall, it was a former partner in Ken Dang that was able to unseat Andy Mack as 901 Champion, as the two exchanged the title in the spring of 2019, with Ken Dang standing tall after their third match-up. Andy then inserted himself in Dang’s title defense against “Big Swole” Justin Cole, which lead to a triple threat match, where Andy was pinned. But the self-proclaimed “star of 901 Wrestling” isn’t done yet.

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