Midnight Rooster

“The Powerhouse”

 Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, The Midnight Rooster earned his name while fighting on the local MMA circuit. He has incorporated this striking ability and pure strength into a unique wrestling style that has seen success across central and North Mississippi for years. However, he briefly had to step away to take care of his growing family and has carefully chosen who and where to work. With a storied history with most of the roster, it was only a matter of time before Rooster found his way back into the company fold, and he did so in late 2017, before running running with the Mid South Assassins and causing chaos in 901. However, a hectic schedule and the fold of the Assassins led Rooster to another hiatus before returning to 901 Wrestling to face a debuting Night Train. Rooster continued to have a up-and-down showing in the late spring, before losing a tag match against Jax Inc. when Josh Matthews walked out. 

Rooster Videos