The Emperor of Asia ( 1819 Champion

Ken Dang

From “The Land of the Orient”, Ken Dang has conquered and shaped the landscape of 901Wrestling. The most effective fighter in 901 Wrestling, Ken Dang is always a strategic move away from becoming 901 Wrestling Champion, and finally became so in April 2019 by beating Andy Mack, but was outsmarted by the Macknificent One in his first defense. However, Ken was able to redeem himself, and found a way to become 901 Wrestling Champion again. Andy’s interference lead to a triple threat match between Dang, Mack, and “Big Swole” Justin Cole where Ken lost the title without being pinned. Losing his rematch, and his anger twisting his logic, Ken set his sights on destruction, focused on Andy Mack. The attacks lead to a Broad Avenue Brawl, which he lost after a brutal fight. Ken was not deterred though, going after Walker Hayes and Walker’s championship, which would be named the 1819 Championship. Ken Dang won the title from Walker on the night the championship debuted, and did all he could to put Walker Hayes behind him and on the shelf. Despite his dominance in title defenses,doubts have lingered over the “1000 year reign” promised by the Emperor. With Walker Hayes returning, that reign could very well come to a violent end.

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Ken Dang "Old Fashioned" Tank Top


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