Josh Matthews

"The Next Level"

Josh Matthews is the prime example of a “grizzled young vet”.  Matthews started in the ring at 14 years old and comes from the “old school” teachings of Mississippi legend Sammy Hall. In his over thirteen years, Matthews has earned no less than 25 titles across seven Southern states. Matthews first came to the company as part of the tournament to crown the first Light heavyweight Champion (which he ended as a semi-finalist). But it wouldn’t be until 901 Wrestling took over the Rec Room that Matthews would return, and he made an immediate impact, taking the company “to the Next level”. Matthews came back and was looking to make all the right decisions, but constant pitfalls along the way lead to him turning his back on Midnight Rooster during a tag team match, as it seems Matthews may be embracing his dark side in 901 Wrestling. However, this self-isolation would prove dangerous as Matthews would later be targeted and abducted by The Storm, with no word on his whereabouts. 

A couple of months later, Matthews would return as part of The Storm, seemingly missing a part of his own personality, and engaging in brutal tactics with his new team. 

Now know as "The White Panther" Matthews of The Storm!

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