Dustin Anthony

"The Baddest Man Alive"

 The small-town Alabama boy turned Memphis Bad Man, Dustin Anthony walks, talks, and fights like he is truly the “Baddest Man Alive”! Trained in mixed martial arts with hundreds of matches in his years of professional wrestling, Anthony now leads the “baddest” stable in the Mid-South with Big Hunter Havoc covering his back. Anthony highlighted his 901 Wrestling career with a triple-threat win to become the Light Heavyweight Champion to kick off 2019. He would defend the title until April, when Sam Armstrong would put a hiccup in Dustin’s reign. Dustin would earn the title back in June, putting Sam behind him in the process. However, his ego would get the best of him, as he would put his title on the line against a very game Walker Hayes. Dustin would lose the title, and be unable to gain it back, only finding success when he teams with Hunter Havoc as 901’s Baddest. But after a series of matches with Mid-South mainstays Wise Church, Reno Diamond and Rev. Wise, 901s Baddest found themselves on the losing end. After Dustin demanded his shot, Commissioner Kontar gave it to him in the form of his own tag team partner, Hunter Havoc. After being embarrassed in that showing, Dustin Anthony seemed to grow agitated with his “best friend”, which lead to Anthony spraying Hunter in the face with mace! Dustin’s running will end with a Bull Rope match February 22nd!

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