Chris ward

901 Wrestling Champion "The King of the South"

 The Lake Center, Mississippi, native is one of the few on the roster to say they are a “Day One” original. With a championship pedigree coming in, Ward has earned the Heavyweight Championship and is a 3x King of the South tournament winner, a prestigious competition for Professional Wrestling in the South. Ward began his training later than most, but challenges anyone to “change his mind” that he is the very best in Memphis and has picked up what he considers a “Vacant Crown!”. With his brother Shane and Tommy Jax again by his side, they have become one of the most dominant teams in 901 Wrestling. The team have earned and lost opportunities at the 901 Wrestling championship through the summer of 2019. Finally, in an act of desperation, Tommy Jax put Ward’s career on the line against Cole’s title, much to the shock of Ward. However, during the match, Cole became disoriented and collapse while attempting a Swole Slam, giving Ward the victory by pinfall and his first 901 Wrestling Championship.

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